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17 October to 4 December 2016

What’s on offer?


A fun way of exploring Bendigo with the opportunity for some friendly competition


There is no cost for participating


Suitable for the whole family or a group of friends


An opportunity to experience different parts of Bendigo and find something new


Walk, run, ride, scoot, roller blade or skateboard your way around the city


While points are awarded, it is more about achievement and fun rather than winning

Frequently Asked Questions

The following sections should answer most of your questions. If there is something we’ve missed let us know.

Who runs Park and Street Challenge?

The Park and Street Challenge is run by Bendigo Orienteers Incorporated.

How is it funded?

The initial development and implementation of Park and Street Challenge was funded by through the inaugural VicHealth Physical Innovation Challenge.

VicHealth logo

VicHealth logo

Where can I get a map?

Maps were made available in the Bendigo Weekly on Friday 14 October 2016. If you didn’t receive a copy or have lost it, you can get a copy at the Bendigo library or Bendigo Visitors centre.

Where are the missing locations?

My map only has 30 locations marked, but there are 60 locations listed – whats going on?
The remaining 30 locations (not yet marked on the map) will be released throughout the course of the Park and Street Challenge. We will let you know through Facebook when they are released. It is then up to you to mark the new locations onto your map and go searching.
So just when you thought you had all the locations, new ones will appear to keep you interested.

What do all the symbols mean?

There is a legend on your map explaining what the symbols represent. If you think there is something missing or want further assistance please email us at

Do I need a GPS?

A GPS is not required to participate in the Park and Street Challenge. At each location there is a marker which has a unique code. All you need to do is record the first letter of the code, login to the web site and enter the code against the location.
If you do have a GPS watch, record your movements while out finding the Park and Street Challenge locations. When you return home, upload your recorded route to and then link your Strava account to the web site (under “edit profile”). The web site will automatically detect that you went within a specified distance of locations and assign you the points (this can take up an hour to occur). Your GPS routes are not stored or shared on the Park and Street Challenge website.

What am I looking for?

When you get to a location marked on the map you are looking for a sticker as shown below. The sticker will either be on an existing item (such as a fence post) or attached to a metal stake (predominantly out in the bush). Specific details on the location of the sticker, including a photgraph can be found by logging into the web site and go to the Locations section.
If you arrive at a location and can’t find the sticker please let us know by emailing

Park and Street Challenge sticker

Park and Street Challenge sticker

Are there any prizes?

Yes there will be some prizes! Exactly what they are and how they will be distributed is yet to be determined.

Do I need a compass?

A compass isn’t necessary but may assist in orientating your map correctly in the bush. The compass on your mobile phone will be perfectly fine.

How do I register my locations?

In order to register your locations;

  1. Register for a competition by selecting Competitions from the left hand menu, selecting the competition you want to join and then scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the Register button.
  2. You can then select the Locations item in the left hand menu to see all the available locations.
  3. Select the particular location, enter the code from the sticker and click the Enter button.
  4. If the code is correct, you will see the points on the Dashboard and the location will have a status of “visited”

On the Locations page you can filter all the locations based on status (visited or not visited) by using the dropdown boxes at the top of the page.

Park & Street Challenge